A quick review of Tyler Perry’s TEMPTATION

courtesy of TPS and Lionsgate
courtesy of TPS and Lionsgate

TEMPTATION: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor opens today 3/29/13 and, I must be honest considering I am a fan of Tyler Perry’s films (albeit not of the past few), I expected much more.  So let me cut to the chase by summing this movie up in one word: PREDICTABLE.  Part of the ending was evident to many in the theater in the first scene.  I felt the urge, and succumbed, to tweet within the first 30 minutes.  Now if you follow me, you know I’m against spoilers, but I will say the following about several cast members: Jurnee Smollet is a fave of mine and was pretty good in her delivery; Robbie Jones (opposite Jurnee as Harley) was good; Ella Joyce was the phenomenal industry veteran that she is; Kim Kardashian plays the mean, rich girl (and since I don’t know her personally, I’m not sure how much of a stretch that is); and it’s best I stop there so I don’t move into mean girl territory myself.  I’m hoping to feel differently about the upcoming Tyler Perry presents PEEPLES, written by Tina Gordon Chism, which will open in theaters May 10th.

On a scale of one to five stars, I’m giving TEMPTATION a two.  But make no mistake, it is Resurrection Day/Easter weekend and this movie will most likely make a ton of money, courtesy of Tyler’s faithful fan base.  For those seeking more info and showtimes for the film, check out the plot synopsis and website links below.

An explosive romance about the seductive dangers of the forbidden, TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION tells the provocative and sensual story of Judith, an ambitious married woman whose obsessive passion for a handsome billionaire leads to betrayal, danger and a choice that will forever alter the course of her life.

TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry. Lionsgate and TPS Present, A TPS/Lionsgate Production, A Film by Tyler Perry. RATED: PG-13

CAST: Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Judith), Lance Gross (Brice), Kim Kardashian (Ava), Vanessa Williams (Janice), Robbie Jones (Harley), Renée Taylor (Ms. Waco Chapman), Ella Joyce (Sarah), and Brandy Norwood (Melinda)

To find a theater near you, go to www.temptationthemovie.com or “LIKE” their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Temptation  for exclusive info.

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  1. Temptation was a bit slow in the beginning but I was feeling the set up, the lesson on taking chances, leaving your comfort zone, and the dangers of dealings with the devil. For some reason I enjoy seeing our people illuminated on the big screen…the good, bad and ugly. Tyler is a great storyteller and most in the theater where I saw it this evening were vocally surprised and didn’t expect the little twist in the story’s final unpredictable revelation (not to give it away).
    Jurnee glowed in her coming of age role easily transforming before our eyes. The beautiful brothers flexing muscles shinned as saints & sinners. Ella, a Tyler Perry favorite played it up in the spiritual righteous reverent mama role. Vanessa was fabulous as always, as faux french Madam Diva.
    KK played the role or herself, but wasn’t as bad at acting as I thought she’d be. Tyler scored a point in putting Ms. Kenye’ in the movie. To me, the real star of the movie was the city of DC…I just love when Tyler pans over the hill tops of the cities he films in….pure flights of earthly fantasy.
    Tyler does so much with so little cast members, the sets were fabulous, I love seeing his classy elegant imagination come to life on the screen. What a simple lesson for a new generation that we old heads affirm ..”the grass ain’t always greener on the other side.” It’s not a must see, but it’s a good see. My friend, who said it was “slow” wants to see it again.


  2. Hello Luv,
    First of all, congratulations on your new job. I love it, and I know that you will do a dynamite job. This is just the beginning. Go for it, Lady. I am proud of you.

    Second, I am also a fan of Tyler’s. I haven’t seen the film yet and will have to more than likely wait until it is on DVD because of living in Germany, but I definitely want to see it. I have heard lots of pros and cons about this film and want to make my own decision about it, even though I treasure what you have said. I know you as being open and honest with a critic of any venue, and I appreciate your honesty. So thanks for giving me your reaction to the film.

    I wish you a blessed Easter weekend.



    1. Hello Pat! The compliments always mean a bunch coming from you 🙂 I will always promote Mr. Perry’s work, because I am still cheering for him! You will definitely enjoy parts (or maybe all) of Temptation. I’m hoping one day he master’s the clever as well as he has done the emotive 😉
      Always appreciate you stopping by!


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