Looking for Something to do This Weekend? September 2012 Movie Picks

Hey there Music Movie Lovers!  Happy first day of Fall!  I know, I’ve slipped this past month (only two posts).  I have been extremely busy with some new projects, but not too busy to check out a few films and catch up on sharing some thoughts :).  So, if you’re in need of a few recommendations, the following are are my picks for the month of September.

First up is the movie Unconditional, which stars Michael Ealy (BarbershopThink Like a ManFor Colored Girls)  and Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: WolverineJohn Carter).  Now if you follow this blog, you know I wrote about this last month and it came with a HIGH recommendation (see August 27th post).  I want to urge everyone to get out and support this movie THIS WEEKEND!  With respect to box office numbers, it is extremely important to support independent films on their opening weekends.

Unconditional displays fine acting performances not just from its leads but the supporting cast has a few stellar players; including the very talented Cedric Pendleton (he plays Anthony and wait…oh, just go watch and see!), and child actors Kwesi Boakye (remember the oppositional nephew from I Can Do Bad All By Myself?) and in her first movie role Gabriella Phillips (pictured above).  I also enjoyed the locales in which the movie was filmed, especially the home of Lynn Collins’ character Sam.  With its message of faith, redemption, and unconditional love, this movie is one for the video collection.  I have been inspired since viewing, and can’t wait for you to experience the same.  Make sure you check out the film’s website at http://unconditionalthemovie.com/ to get theater times and learn more about the ACT campaign.

Next up is a movie from David Ayer, writer of the movie Training Day, called End Of Watch starring Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena as young LAPD officers in South Central LA.  Now, admittedly, it may seem like I’m recommending day and night as End Of Watch is a gritty, hold on to the edge of your seat, ride along shotgun with the police drama.  I must say, I did get a little weary of the camera work as the officers were video documenting their beat, and I swear one gang member’s entire vocabulary consisted of the f-word only. However, I did enjoy the realism of the film and both Gyllenhaal and Pena gave remarkable portrayals of their respective characters.  End of Watch is not for the faint of heart, so if you are not the special victims unit, gang violence or forensic type this movie is probably not for you.  For more info on the film, and to view the movie trailer, you can go to http://www.endofwatchthefilm.com/.

Alright, that’s it for me Music Movie Lovers.  Wait, question: what music are you listening to right now?  I know one of my faves, Le’Andria Johnson has a new CD out.  I haven’t heard it yet, have you?  What else are you listening to, what’s in the car, on the Ipod?  Get back to me and share your thoughts below if you go see either of the films 🙂

Until next thought family, Thomasena


  1. I’m still stuck in the stone age…not even listening to an ipod…so sad. I’m listening on my car radio to Lady B and Michael Baisden in Philly. Typically I’m just singing to myself in my head and occasionally turning to Bee 101. Looks like you are pretty passionate about this movie, but you are probably a little bias as you are kinda sweet on Michael 🙂


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