Spread the Word – “Unconditional” the Movie Opens 9/21/12

What’s new Music Movie Lovers!  On my end all is GREAT!  If God is willing, I will celebrate my (fill in the number) birthday in less than an hour! Hey, I know you really didn’t think I was going to spill my age all over the internet did ya? ;). Anyway, I am going to thoroughly enjoy myself this week and I already started off the party last Friday night with the Liberation Tour, featuring Mary J. Blige (who I love!) with D’Angelo (who rocked!) and Melanie Fiona (who gave good voice).  I also attended the wonderful Praise in the Park Gospel concert in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday and was blessed with performances by Tamika Patton (if you don’t know, check her June interview on this site by clicking June on the right), Jason Nelson, Pastor Charles Jenkins, JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise, Byron Cage, among others with the headliner being the amazing Israel Houghton and New Breed.  Another wonderful event, I experienced in the past week, was a movie screening I attended for the upcoming film Unconditional.

This film, inspired by a true story, stars Michael Ealy (Think Like a Man, For Colored Girls)… wait a minute, let’s stop here.  No really – PAUSE.  Okay, so I had a conflict entering the movie theater to view this film that I’m going to share.  I was used to viewing this extremely talented actor differently (to put it mildly and unlustly like) when I watched Think Like A Man, Sleeper Cell (an AWESOME former Showtime series), Barbershop, etc. etc.  And now I was going to view him in a Christian themed film!!!! Chile, I was all kinds of praying and repenting up in that theater! 🙂  Alright seriously, for those who know anything about this man’s skills, I was completely engrossed with Mr. Ealy as Joe Bradford and really didn’t struggle…as much ;). The movie also stars the very talented Lynn Collins (X-Men Origins: Wolverine, John Carter) as Samantha Crawford who, after a tragic event, loses her faith and will to live.  That is until she chance encounters her long-lost friend Joe, portrayed by Ealy.  The film is inspired by the true story of Joe Bradford, who overcame extreme odds to become a powerful mentor and father figure for at risk youth in his community.

The movie does not open until September 21st, and I definitely will give a formal review upon its release.  Until then, please help spread the word about this movie.  You know I wouldn’t steer you guys wrong, this is a GREAT story.  You will laugh, cry (for those whose heartstrings are tugged easily), scream (quietly in the theater of course ;)) and cheer.  The message is universally themed and I dare you to leave the theater without feeling empowered or encouraged in some form. This film also has a groundswell of support for its community ACT campaign, which encourages moviegoers to become involved with organizations and non-profits in their respective communities.

To get more info about Unconditional, and find out what theaters in your area will show the film, go to http://unconditionalthemovie.com/.  Remember to show support early for this independent movie, the weekend of September 21st, and check back in to share your thoughts once you’ve seen it. 🙂

Until next thought family, Thomasena


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