Movie picks for March/April 2012

Happy “almost Spring” fellow music movie lovers!  I don’t know about where you live but here in Philly this winter weather has been UNPREDICTABLE!  Spring like days have been interspersed with heavy periods of rain, frigid nights, and minor appearances of snow (well, I’m not mad about that last part!).  Anyway, with the weather less than predictable there is one thing I can always count on….great movies to look forward to in the new year 🙂  So allow me to point your attention to a few that are coming up this month through April 2012:

1. In case I haven’t made it clear in previous posts I LOVE Eddie Murphy, and am so looking forward to A Thousand Words to be released on March 9th.  Co-starring Kerry Washington and directed by Brian Robbins (Old Head Roll Call – remember him as Eric on Head of the Class?), Eddie stars as a sheisty literary agent who will learn a lesson on choosing his words carefully or die, literally.

2.  My next choice is a documentary called The Bully Project that follows five children and their families for a year and chronicles the bullying crisis in America.  I am excited to see this documentary, but am disappointed that it has an R rating (mostly for language) which prevents many underage kids an opportunity to view and learn some important lessons.  A woman named Katy Butler is petitioning the MPAA at to request a PG-13 rating. You can join this effort and learn more about the petition at the following link:

3.   I really cannot wait for the April 20th release of the romantic comedy Think Like a Man, based on the bestselling self-help book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man written by comedian/talk show host Steve Harvey.  First off, let me just say MICHAEL EALY.  And let me also just say…MICHAEL EALY ;).  Now he alone is enough to get me to theaters, but this movie also features an all-star cast that includes Kevin Hart, Meagan Good, and Taraji P. Henson.  And with the tagline “Let the mind games begin” I am definitely intrigued to see how it’s all going to go down.

4.  Also being released on April 20th is the documentary Marley.  Authorized by the late reggae legend’s family, Marley features rare performance footage and in-depth interviews with the people who knew him best.  Can’t wait to sit in theaters for this one!

Okay folks, that’s a few of my faves for March and April 2012.  I have to give honorable mention to The Hunger Games, in theaters March 23rd.  I haven’t read any of the extremely popular books, but am more than interested with the trailers I’ve seen.  I know some of the book “die hards” will give me the screw face for the small mention but I’m sure I will check it out at the matinée (albeit not on release weekend when the crowds will be massive!).  Okay, that’s really it for me.  What are you looking forward to seeing?  Will you support the docs The Bully Project and Marley?  Don’t forget to sign Katy Butler’s petition requesting a PG-13 rating for The Bully Project so more kids will have opportunity to view this important documentary.

Until next thought family, Thomasena

PS – check out my twitter feed on the right for movie poster pics from the highly anticipated Miles Davis biopic featuring Don Cheadle!  (tentative Summer 2012 release) and…SPARKLE poster pic (release date August 17th, 2012).  Anyone who follows me knows how I feel about Sparkle :)!


  1. I do want to see “The Bully Project”. It’s an epidemic problem society wants to ignore b/c somehow bullying is looked upon as “normal”. It’s a sad state of affairs if you’re different you should expect to be ridiculed.


    1. It is very sad grownandcurvy woman. Prayerfully, the rating change petition will be a success and more kids will get to see the project. Thanks so much for checking in and your feedback as always.


  2. Let me start with my usual…WOW!

    I really enjoy viewing your blogs, they are like watching/reading the “best of” trailers. You keep us up to date with all the hottest news and information. I have waited for Steve Harvey’s movie for what feel like FOREVER!

    I’m glad about Eddie’s return to the big screen. The movie looks great! Thanks for all the cool updates!


    1. Thanks for checking in as always Nakia. I will be giving my feedback on screening of A Thousand Words this Friday morning, so check back in (although I expect nothing less than hilarious from Eddie). Appreciate that “best of” comment as well!


  3. Great post! I had not heard about “The Bully Project” before, but am now interested to check it out.

    Next, let me just say MICHAEL EALY!! Lol. When I saw the previews for Think Like A Man I too decided that Michael Ealy alone was enough reason to see it!


    1. Hey AllyBReal! Girl, MICHAEL EALY!!! 🙂 Yes, I am very excited, lol. Glad I was able to tell you about The Bully Project. Please sign petition if you get a chance as well and thanks so muich for stopping in!


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