MMT QUICK REVIEW of ‘ANNABELLE: CREATION’ by contributor Samantha Hollins

The movies that get under my skin the most are the ones that have a back-story; scratching the element of reality. It is said that Annabelle is a true story and an actual doll that is still in existence today. Be it real or not, these types of scenarios can give a horror film an extra dose of fear factor.

Scary doll films have been around since the old Hollywood days; taking cues from authentic accounts of rituals occurring in sacred cultures, religion and in the depths of the human mind. They twisted and turned these narratives; embellishing truth into something screen worthy.

“Annabelle: Creation” (directed by David F. Sandberg & written by Gary Dauberman) was able to sneak up and grab the audience quickly; making us walk in the space of the characters, even though it was a slow-paced crawl in the beginning. Curiosity is the allure that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am not easily scared, but as I listened to the response of the movie goers I can definitely say that it was a pleasurable fright-fest for them.

Part 2 “The Creation” – which is the fourth installment of The Conjuring series – answers a lot of questions that may have been left unanswered from the first chapter, yet it still left room for gritty suspense. It also aligned both films as a cohesive story. Sometimes the mere illusion played the role of unsettling action. As a scary film appreciator, I have to admit that I did feel some scenes coming. With that said, sometimes those good old fashion formulas that made the horror film genre classic is okay and still keeps you on edge. Annabelle definitely gave me the campy thrills of an 80’s style spooky movie.

Benjamin Wallfisch created a musical soundscape that could sometimes sneak up on you as quickly as the thought of Annabelle coming. The under tones were extremely sinister and alarming enough to create a haunting marriage with the visual presentation.

The cast exuded a natural, genuine approach to their characters that allowed strength and vulnerability to mingle. The young girls brilliantly executed their dance with fear, while their adult counterparts possessed each scene with quiet intensity.

The temptation of forcing nature and not letting go is the root of many “you’ll be sorry” moments. It can lead us to the unimaginable in desperate situations, just like the “Creation” of Annabelle. ANNABELLE: CREATION was released by Warner Bros. Pictures and is playing now at a theater near you.

Samantha Hollins, aka Ghetto SongBird, is a multi-talented singer/songwriter, guitarist, poet/writer, photographer and all around creative soul, who passionately enjoys sharing her positive artistic energy and harmonic vibes. You can follow her, and get additional information about her next tour date, on her Facebook page here; and check out her reviews of The BeguiledThe Girl With All The Gifts, and Get Out right here on MMT!



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