MMT Review of THE BOSS BABY with junior contributors Jayla and Lani Kai

Those of us with siblings, especially us “oldest” brothers or sisters, probably all have a story to tell about the first time our baby brother and/or sister came home. Mine happened to be the latter, four years my junior, and much like the protagonist, Tim (Miles Bakshi/Toby Maguire as adult Tim narrator), in the new film THE BOSS BABY, I was caught completely off guard! I mean, my sister was born full term – so either I was in complete denial for nine months, my parents were just plain liars to any questions I posed, or I was the dumbest three-soon to be four-year-old on the planet – but I had no clue she was coming…until she came! And boy was I pissed. 🙂 I clearly remember asking my parents, at the hospital when my mother arrived wheelchair bound to the first floor holding her, “Who is this little boy?!” LOL, she’s going to get me for telling this story – and now she’s a fifth-degree black belt, but I still pull “big sister” rank!

So, to say this new DreamWorks film deals with one of the most relatable universal themes is an understatement. In “The Boss Baby,” Tim’s comfortable home life gets sidetracked when his perfect “three” person familial unit is interloped by a duplicitous “baby,” hilariously voiced by Alec Baldwin. The problem is his parents, voiced by Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel, are completely oblivious to the baby’s real intentions, and it’s up to Tim to find out the “Boss Baby’s” true intentions and expose the truth.

This was the first film in a while that I screened twice, so this will be the site’s first “triple thought” review with my littlest Gemini bestie Jayla, and my little (11-yr-old) Gemini bestie Lani – the latter of whom I took to the first screening.

Let’s start with Lani’s thoughts after screening, who wrote clearly and precisely, “”Boss Baby was a great movie, but not appropriate for kids that are young and perceptive. Plenty of good jokes and lots of sweet family moments. Very good storyline and was overall just fun.” And her reflections are dead on with how I felt leaving the theater after seeing for the first time.

I had concerns about the little people viewing because the dirty diaper/naked bottoms/fart jokes are in abundance – and with a baby themed movie that can almost be expected. However, you know how kid’s films are nowadays – and it’s easy to cross the line into “too much” territory with the adult humor. I’m thinking of a “fart, poopy, doody” joke, made by the lead character, that in a crowded theater with kids laughing and Alec’s intonation sounded too close to the start of a real (and profane) phrase. This film crossed that line a few times – not necessarily on the too dirty side always, but the “went over the kids’ heads” and in both screenings “the laughter wasn’t as prevalent with those jokes” line.

However, there are plenty of moments in “The Boss Baby” that are just laugh out loud funny, and I found myself laughing even harder the second time around at those – especially the ones featuring Tim’s Gandalf-like alarm clock/imaginary counselor Wizzie. And the premise that there’s an actual company responsible for “baby deliveries,” and the opening sequence with the Boss Baby’s arrival was cute and clever. And again, I can certainly relate to the over-productive imagination of a young child like Tim, my little sister was the “little boy interloper” in mind for quite some time – so those scenes where his imagination really ran rampant were fun to watch.

And the soundtrack to the movie is contagious, with great film placement for the songs “(Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again” by L.T.D. and “Ladies Night” by Kool & The Gang – and a cool music fact for this film is the legendary musician Sheila E. was the featured percussionist for the score.

So, how did the littlest Gemini bestie Jayla fair at her screening? Well, let me preface it by stating that when she found out this was the film she was attending, she’d told her mom she was, “Ecstatic!” a pretty sophisticated emotion for a four-year-old! She viewed clips and laughed at them for the week leading up to the screening and, at the event, she chuckled hard throughout – but as I’d mentioned earlier, there were those scenes that kind of went over her head along with some of the other smaller ones in the theater. Fortunately, she caught the major themes in the film, and during it was able to articulate that the boss baby and Tim needed each other…out of the mouths of babes. 😉

Overall, if I had a rating system, I’d give THE BOSS BABY three out of five stars, and would recommend it for the school age and up crowd.

Until next thought, Thomasena

Lani enjoys reading and music. She plans on becoming a food scientist and (paleontologist in her spare time) when she grows up. She is also the host of On the JOB with Lani Lou. Her NASCAR episodes can be seen on, and you can follow her adventures on her website (Photo: Lani Kai with Bubba Wallace at Dover Downs Photo Credit: Stephanie Malson)

Jayla is MMT’s kid contributor, and Thomasena’s self-described “littlest Gemini bestie.” Her favorite colors are purple and pink, and she enjoys Princess lore and the Shopkins.








  1. I couldn’t have summarized it better myself, you guys hit the nail on the head! Can’t wait to read what you and the junior contributors think of, Smurfs The Lost Villiage.

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  2. Well I hope you were happy that “the baby boy” in your life turned out to be a fabulous, awesome, karate fighting, and perfect little sister 🙂

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