MMT Quick Review: ‘Son of God’

Son of God (photo:

Happy Friday MMT Family!  What is everyone doing this weekend?  Let me say a quick “congrats” to all of “The Suit” ticket winners. If you entered, check your email because all Friday ticket winning notices have been sent!  All Saturday notices will be emailed no later than this evening.  In other news, I screened the new 20th Century Fox film Son of God last week, and interviewed lead actor Diogo Morgado (Jesus) and actor/producer Roma Downey (Mary) who were in town for the press tour. Those who watched “Touched By An Angel” may remember Roma as the compassionate angel, Monica.  She and her husband, producer Mark Burnett of “Survivor” and “The Voice” fame, are the masterminds behind this biblical epic, which expands on their Christ chapters from the extraordinarily popular “The Bible” series that aired in 2013 on the History channel.

The film depicts the story of Jesus Christ with emphasis on his teachings, call of disciples and the tense political climate that builds and erupts, leading to his subsequent arrest, crucifixion and resurrection. I really enjoyed the focus on Jesus’ adult ministry and the “rebel” aspect highlighted in this film. As a Christian, I believe those watching who are not familiar with Christianity will get a good understanding that Christ dealt directly with those termed or labeled “sinners.”  It showed his disciples and followers as relatable, with all of their flaws and humanity, and displayed God’s love as inclusive.

The “political thriller” feel of the film was also really cool. And Pontius Pilate was not the typical “dilemma-ridden” character, with the “should I or shouldn’t I execute this man” choice to make.  He was vicious, callous and reminiscent of a Game of Thrones character.

What I didn’t enjoy as much? At times I felt the film was still sort of “history” channel” regarding its production. I did expect it to have more of a big-budget feel, and I think script wise the disciples’ characters could have been developed more; albeit that would have made it a three-hour film and it already stands at 138 minutes running time.

Check out my examiner article with Diogo and Roma’s interview, and find out about the “Theater Take-Over” that several ministries held on Thursday in support of the film.  You can also click here to go to the official website, view trailer and purchase tickets.

Stop back and let me know your thoughts if you see the film!

Until next thought family, Thomasena


  1. So true about Pontius Pilate. I also like the way the film portrayed Judas, this was the first time I didn’t see him as a villain, but rather someone who felt he should cooperate with the authorities, not out of avarice, but concern, only to discover that action would be seen as a major betrayal.

    My review’s up too, the movie made me wanna reminisce about where my spiritual journey began.

    Gonna check out your interviews!


    1. Hey Tinsel & Tine! Agreed that it did show more humanity with depicting the Judas character. Definitely highlighted the greed, fear, concern and shame angles quite nicely I believe. The film made me want to re-watch “The Passion of the Christ,” which I haven’t viewed since it was released. I need to compare the two to have a better understanding of what I felt this one was missing production wise.
      Thanks for stopping by and will certainly check out your review/thoughts! 🙂


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