AAFCA Roundtable with Naturi Naughton and Michael Rainey Jr. from POWER BOOK II: GHOST

POWER BOOK II: GHOST stars from left to right – Mary J. Blige as Monet Tejada, Shane Johnson as Cooper Saxe, Michael Rainey Jr. as Tariq James St. Patrick, Naturi Naughton as Tasha St. Patrick, and Cliff “Method Man” Smith as Davis Maclean. Photo: courtesy of Starz.

We don’t have to be friends for anyone to know how much I enjoy the POWER saga on Starz. I’ve written about it several times on this site. I interviewed Mr. Joseph Sikora earlier this year before the pandemic and fangirled in my head the whole time! I’ve given away passes to preview episode screenings. And I’ve had a longstanding Saturday night/Sunday morning 12 am date for the past six years since the first series began.

Now, today episode 8 of the latest series in the saga POWER BOOK II: GHOST, with stars Michael Rainey Jr. and Naturi Naughton both reprising their roles as Tariq and Tasha St. Patrick, has dropped on the Starz app and we are only two episodes away from the season finale.

I sat with the AAFCA family last week for a chat with both Rainey Jr. and Naughton, who provided insight into their characters, discussed the new season and working with heavyweights like Mary J. Blige and Method Man, and hinted to what the audience might expect for the remainder of the season.

You can watch the full video below, and follow The AAFCA Channel and MusicMoviesThoughts TV on YouTube to see more great vids.

POWER BOOK II: GHOST airs Sunday nights at 8pm EST on Starz and new episodes are added to the Starz app at 12am EST Sunday mornings.

Until next thought, Thomasena


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