MMT Recommends: THE 25TH PHILADELPHIA FILM FESTIVAL (October 20-30th)


Hey MMT Fam! We’re only eight days away from the start of the 25th Philadelphia Film Festival – and this year it is starting things off in grand fashion! The 11-day event will kick-off with an Opening Night Celebration where Academy Award nominated writer and director M. Night Shyamalan will be presented with the festival’s first ever Lumiere Award. The festivities will start AKA Washington Square, followed by a screening of the opening night film and after party at the Prince Theater (tickets for this event are separate from individual film tickets/festival badges and can be purchased here).

The festival opens on October 20th with the Philadelphia première of Damien Chazelle’s La La Land and closes on October 30th with the highly anticipated sci-fi/drama Arrival starring Amy Adams. In between, the festival is scheduled to showcase over 110 feature-length and short films – all curated by the Philadelphia Film Society’s programming committee, who chooses each selection from multiple international festivals throughout the year. You can take a look at the full festival line-up and get additional info at the official website here.

And in keeping with tradition of years past, PFF25 will offer PFF ON US, a free ticketing program made possible through PNC Arts Alive with support from the Wyncote Foundation. PFF ON US unites a diverse group of individuals involved in non-profit organizations, arts and cultural groups, and universities along with the hundreds from Philadelphia’s general public to share in the excitement and challenge of powerful new cinema. Look for the FREE ticket icon in the program guide for designated titles. Individuals from the general public can reserve tickets online at, order through the Festival Call Center at 215-422-4570, or reserve in person. Limit 2 tickets per film for each individual reservation. See pg. 21 in the program guide for more info. Free ticket packages of 10 tickets or more – per film – for community groups, arts, cultural, and social service organizations, college and universities, and more can be reserved by contacting

Some of you may have seen me at last year’s festival – shout out to subscriber, and PFS member, Carrie O’Berry who always stops to chat at events! I really enjoyed the camaraderie, as well as last year’s closing night film, Where to Invade Next, and red-carpet interview with Michael Moore, and getting to participate in the Wes Craven tribute/film marathon with a guest appearance by actor Jamie Kennedy of Scream fame.

The festival always has something for everyone, and it’s a really good opportunity to see movies prior to them hitting theaters – as well as those obscure films that will not have the luxury of getting selected for distribution and/or wide-screen release.

Sure hope to see some of you at PFF25 family! And make sure to “pull a Carrie,” and say hello if you spot me at any of the festivities!

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  1. I just pick this book up yesterday thank you for this information.

    On Oct 12, 2016 3:51 AM, “Music Movies Thoughts” wrote:

    > Thomasena Farrar posted: ” Hey MMT Fam! We’re only eight days away from > the start of the 25th Philadelphia Film Festival – and this year it is > starting things off in grand fashion! The 11-day event will kick-off with > an Opening Night Celebration where Academy Award nominated wr” >

  2. Thanks for the shout out Thomasena! Much Appreciated! Yes, in addition to your website keeping music and movie lovers in the know, you also give subscribers of the site opportunities to win admissions to local events and screen movie before their release dates. For that, when I win, I am Grateful!! Of course, I know you have a busy schedule as well; however I always look forward to seeing you at some of site’s giveways! I’m just saying.☺
    Carrie (CJ)

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