About Us

“My mother said I sang words before I spoke them…” a statement reflecting an early display of her love of music.  Although Thomasena was fascinated with music early on, this creative writer and lover of the arts received her Masters in Psychology.  While working in social services, Ms. Farrar decided to begin freelance writing.  The results have been collaborations/promotions for businesses and artists, and freelance music and movie reviews. She created MusicMoviesThoughts to express her ideas on the art forms she loves and hopes to spark interest in the new – and new interest in the old – music and movies she most enjoys.


  1. Thomasena…fabulous story…and be encouraged! Continue to chase your dreams until your soul gets tired. I’ve had the opportunity to know you in the professional Social Services field…but I had no idea there was more behind the curtain. We’ve been working together for over 6 years and look at this now…my children’s music career taking off sparking your interest…wow…I feel so blessed! Continue to do what you do…God is just showing off all up in your life. Where one struggle attempted to damper your spirits…God reminded you to try Him yet again and He’s handling it. I’ll pray for you and please continue to pray for me and I’m sure with that common bond if nothing more…everything will be alright and work out according to His plan! Thanks for reaching out to me…Kisha Stanback


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