ride along 2

Happy Friday MMT Family! This is officially my first review of the new year – but we’ve had a couple of giveaways and quick looks, so I’ve been around! 🙂 I was able to screen RIDE ALONG 2 earlier this week – shout out to some of the subscribers I spoke with, including Carrie O’Berry, Sakinah Parks, Terry Williams and Ade Bolden. I also read what a few advanced screening winners shared either online or via email about the film, but here’s my take.

First of all, let me share that I’ve just recently started working back in a physical office last week – after working from home for 15 months – so Tuesday was day one of this week, and it was long. Needless to say after arriving to the theater from work, and dealing with a minor miscommunication issue with seating arrangements, I was in bad need of a good laugh. And on that note, the movie didn’t disappoint.  Although not as funny as the first, “Ride Along 2” still displays the awkward, but great chemistry between Kevin Hart and Ice Cube – and that brings several great jokes along with it.

However, the sequel reaches a little too hard in some areas to get laughs, and thus becomes a bit more “lampoonish” than even the first – and not in a good way – so it loss me a little there. But I must admit, “Ride Along 2” is one of those rare films where I actually laughed harder in the theater at one scene that was heavily promoted in the trailers. Oft times, when too much is shown, it takes away from the scene. Not so in this case! And you know I don’t do spoilers, so I’ll just say look out for the “first” bulletproof vest scene!

And there weren’t as many cool cameos like in the first – see my review on Ride Along for a few of those names – but we did have two very prominent supporting players in actor/comedians Sherri Shepard and Ken Jeong. And the oh-so-handsome Benjamin Bratt was a pleasure to view on-screen, even as the bad guy!

All-in-all, “Ride Along 2” offers several good laughs and, like the first, is a great date film and/or night out with the guys/girls type of comedy. If there is a third to be made, I hope it redeems itself in the vain of a Lethal Weapon 4. Rush Hour 2 rocked, but we really didn’t need that third one – so let’s not go out like that Universal!

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you see the film family, so please share them in the comments. 🙂

Until next thought, Thomasena





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