INNOCENCE opening in theaters Friday, September 5

Sophie Curtis (left) and Liya Kebede in a scene from "Innocence." Photo: Scion Pictures

Hey MMT thriller/horror/young adult-theme lovers, here’s one you may want to catch! Opening this Friday, September 5 is the new film INNOCENCE.  Described as a chilling allegory of the precarious state of an American teenager, the film explores themes of loss, the human condition and a society torn between purity and narcissism.

Checkout the synopsis and trailer below, and get additional information at the official Facebook page here.  And be sure to stop back and leave a comment or two if you see the film!

Until next thought family, Thomasena

INNOCENCE synopsis

Haunted by the death and dreams of her beloved mother in a Montauk surfing accident, 16 year old Beckett and her father, novelist Miles Warner, move to Manhattan and attempt to piece together their shattered life. Now enrolled at the exclusive Hamilton preparatory school, her psychosis and hallucinations intensify with the dubious suicides of current and past students as does her first love for Tobey Crawford. The discovery that her new school may be run by a coven of beautiful and seductive women who perpetuate their youth by drinking the blood of virgins becomes the ultimate challenge of Beckett and Tobey’s young lives.

Directed by: Hilary Brougher

Screenplay by: Hilary Brougher and Tristine Skyler

Based on the Novel by:  Jane Mendelsohn

Produced by: Jane Mendelsohn, Christine Vachon, Pam Koffler

Executive produced by: Ron Curtis, Kevin Turen, Nicholas Jarecki, Michael Heller, Mo Al

Turki and Brian Young

Starring: Kelly Reilly, Sophie Curtis, Graham Phillips and Linus Roche

Running Time: 96 minutes

Rated: PG-13


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