GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED – For “Savages” Monday July, 2nd (Phila, PA)

And the winners are…

Letonya Clark, Carolee Dunn Houser, Kimberly Tinsley, Marla Harris, Eboni Mcleod, Alicia Lister, Karen Smith, Tamara Bunch, Lakeisha Ann Rodrigues, Brian Henderson, Marlon Kane, and Janice Bowmer.

GIVEAWAY – Win Passes to Screen “Savages” Monday July, 2nd (Phila, PA).


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  1. Omg savages was really good a nail bitter. It definitely made u pay attention .very action packed

  2. I really enjoyed Savages. Action packed and surprises . I have told everyone I’ve spoken to thus far to see it when it comes to theatres.


  4. The film was action packed. The plot was clever. The cinematography amazingly beautiful! However, there was more blood, drugs, death, and guns then I expected therefore the name definitely suits the story. Probably won’t see it again can’t handle the violent images they were a bit overwhelming for my taste.

  5. I agree with you all on the acting…Salma is a bad girl…she did her thing for sure!

  6. I am thankful to MusicMoviesThoughts for my screening passes to see “Savages” last night. I really enjoyed the movie thoroughly! The storyline was well written and well executed by the actors. The drama and action within the movie was well done. Glad I got to see this one and have already recommended it by social media and by word of mouth to friends that it is worth every penny.

  7. Thanks to MusicMoviesThoughts, Allied Advertising, HOT 107.9 Philly (Radio One), and the representatives of Universal Studios for the successful screening event of Savages at the Ritz East! It was a great and well-executed event.

    The movie was action-packed and fast-paced. All of the violence (that naturally goes with this type of story) would not place this at the top of my personal all-time-faves movie list, but if you are a lover of movies with the double-cross within the double cross (not going to spoil it!) as well as lots of shooting, death, drugs, and who can forget the unconventional relationship triangle, then this movie is certainly for you! I would recommend it to others who I know like this kind of storyline.

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