3 comments on “Does Remake = Lack of Creativity? II (the movie version)

  1. LOL @ WHY and NO! I totally agree. I love movies, so when it comes to an original with which I have a particular connection, it is difficult, of not impossible, to wrap my mind around the reason for messing with a great thing. I can rarely give my opinion on a remake because in most cases, I can’t bring myself to watch them -_-. I have my own thoughts on the entire concept of remakes, though. I feel like if visionaries are truly creative, they’d think of new, innovative ideas for movies (and music) instead of trying to reinvent wheels that were fine as they were. I am certain there are some untapped ideas still floating around out there. Can’t wait until somebody….ANYBODY decides to come up with something, I don’t know, ORIGINAL to entertain the masses. Oh wait until I get to Hollywood! =:-}

    • Yes, Hollywood needs ya :). I realized I may be more biased with movie remakes vs. music (see my first post on this topic from late last year regarding music). I’ll see what happens with Sparkle in August ;). Thanks for stopping by!

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